Thursday, February 25, 2010

Just had to share my new business cards

I just love my new business cards!  They are small cute and red on the back. How things have changed from the big boring white business cards my Dad used to have.

The front has 8 colorful photo samples of my work and the back has a photo of me taken while on vacation in Santa Fe, New Mexico last September.  I only take good photos when I'm on vacation - must be a stress thing :-)


Buy Design said...

They look great. I never think I take good pictures, even on holiday. Must be the stress of three teenagers in tow.

Buy Design said...

Hi Mandy. How would you like to accept a circle of friends award from me. Just got my first blog award from a friend in Australia. Yippee...
If you would like to collect and pass it on just pop over to Buy Design.
Love from a very cold, very windy and yes, slightly snowy Scotland.