Saturday, June 25, 2011

New Purse Hanger Style

I stopped making purse hangers a year or so ago because I wasn't happy with the rivets that attached the top pad to the hook; over time they worked loose and the hanger fell apart...not good! 

Many people have asked where my purse hanger listings have gone and I have had to tell them I'm not making them anymore...until now.   I'm testing out a new design that actually has more rivets. This new design folds so it takes up less space in your purse and the multiple rivets share the weight bearing. So I'm pretty confident this design is more durable than the previous design and should hold up better to constant daily use (being jostled around in the bottom of a purse and holding heavy purses off the ground).

At first I thought the design was a little weird looking, but the more see it I think it looks pretty cute and stylish.

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